Calendar Cloud is the simplest way to sync Evernote’s reminders to Google calendar or iCloud calendar.

Evernote remainders.

Many users use Evernote’s reminders to manage long-term and short-term deadlines. It is a very helpful feature because a remainder is associated with a note you are working on. So you can immediately dive into your presentation, article, design or whatever when you get the reminder’s notification.

If you a new with Evernote’s reminders, check out this article: “How to use reminders”.

Setup a sync Evernote’s reminders to Google calendar or iCLoud calendar with Calendar Cloud.

Last week, Calendar Cloud team released an integration with Evernote. As result, our users can sync Evernote’s reminders to Google or iCloud calendar. This gives you an ability to see a timeline of to-dos on your calendar.

Let me show you the main steps need to be done to setup Evernote synchronization. I don’t want to explain how to sign up to Calendar Cloud with your favorite calendar service. Read the following topics for details:

If you open Calendar Cloud’s dashboard, the Evernote is included in the list of calendars.

calendar cloud sync integrations

When you click on setup the standard login prompt to be shown. Just confirm your action by click on “Sign In” button. Then you will see the Evernote’s OAuth window. You need to click “Authorize” to grant Calendar Cloud an access to your Evernote’s reminders.

All set!!!. If you open your calendar service (in my case it is Google calendar) the new “Evernote(Calendar Cloud)” calendar is shown on the list.

Starting from this moment, Calendar cloud sync all your Evernote’s reminders to this calendar. Every event contains a direct link to the note. Click on the link opens Evernote on your platform and navigates you to the note.

By default, we sync all reminders not marked “done” in a range [-1 month; +3 months]. If need to change the range please contact our support.

Token expiration date and renewing Evernote’s access token.

Generally, you grant Calendar Cloud an access to your Evernote’s data for a year. You can change default period in Evernote OAuth window. Anyway, Evernote sends you a notification when Calendar Cloud links to your Evernote’accountnt. The notification contains an expiration date.

You should confirm your grant after the expiration date passed. To do that, just log in to Calendar Cloud dashboard any time during the week up to the expiration date.

Then click on the “Renew Token” button against Evernote calendar.

Calendar Cloud tracks your expiration date and sends you an email notification up to the week.

In addition, we add a synthetic event to your calendar assigned to your expiration date. It is titled “[Calendar Cloud] Your Evernote’s access token to be expired”.

Oleksandr Ieremchuk,

Product Owner at Calendar Cloud,


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