How To: Add Facebook, Meetup, Salesforce and other events to your Google calendar.

Calendar Cloud helps you to do more with your Google calendar.

Google calendar is a great tool. I like it. It is flexible, available on many platforms and works very good. However, I feel a lack of collaboration with other services and applications used every day.

facebook events google calendar

Facebook, Meetup and Salesforce events synced to Google calendar with Calendar Cloud.


In today’s word, many applications serve own calendars that are very important for me. Some vendors provide own solutions to collaborate with Google. Sometimes it is a calendar export functionality or just a static URL. However, all of these attempts looks little complex and has a bad user experience

I would like to have a single overview of all of these calendars. It should be easy to use and install. I‘m sure Google Calendar with Calendar Cloud is a perfect candidate to become this super tool.

Add Facebook events to Google calendar with Calendar Cloud.

Calendar Cloud setup is very simple. It lives in the cloud. Consequently, I don’t need to install anything on my desktop, laptop or mobile. I need just a several clicks to connect external service and see it’s calendar on Google. Let’s install a connection to Facebook, click by click, starting from the Login page.

First click: Login to Calendar Cloud.

Calendar Cloud works with tree most popular calendar services – Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar and Outlook 365 Calendar. For this reason, you should choose one of them to sign in to the service.

This post about Google, so I do my first click on Google Calendar button. I see standard OAuth login prompt. Google asks me to grant access to manipulate my calendars. I’ve confirmed that.

In few words Calendar Cloud uses OAuth and doesn’t have access to my Google login and password. It is a very good point from security reason. As a result, my credentials cannot be stolen and I can revoke the access anytime.

Second click: Calendar dashboard. Add Facebook events to Google calendar.

After success login, I see the Main page with calendar dashboard. The dashboard is divided into two parts.

The first part is a list of connected apps available for you.

I see Facebook, Meetup, Foursquare, and Salesforce but it could be changed in future. The Calendar Cloud team work hard to add new connections.

The second part is an aggregated calendar view.

It is empty in my case because I do the setup from scratch.

google calendar aggregated view

Empty Calendar Cloud aggregated view. All data is coming from your Google calendar.

I just click on Setup button against Facebook calendar and see standard OAuth login prom, but this time it is Facebook. I grant access Calendar Cloud to read my Facebook calendar.

All set. I wait a minute then click on a refresh button and see my Facebook events in the aggregated calendar view. That means connection was installed properly.

Last click: Check result.

This step is not required but somebody may be interested the result. If you open your Google Calendar you see a new calendar with the name “Facebook (Calendar Cloud)”. It is auto-generated and being under control of Calendar Cloud. You don’t have to do anything. CC will sync the calendar time to time (approximately every 20 minutes) and all latest changes will come to your Google Calendar.

Thanks to Google the calendar will be available on any platform support by Google calendar. For an example, I very like “Schedule” widget for Android.

PS: Setup connections to other applications.

Setup connection to other apps is very similar to what we did for Facebook. Most of them support OAuth login protocol. That means you just grant access and Calendar Cloud takes care of the rest.

Oleksandr Ieremchuk,

Product Owner at Calendar Cloud,



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