Facebook’s API upgrade to v2.12 blocked the sync.[UPDATED]

UPDATED 06/07/2018

Looks like we started celebrating too early :(.

Several days ago, the Facebook team removed “user_events” permission for our product.  Now we lost an access to events of our users. The access to be restored once we pass the review submitted more than a month ago.

We all have been waiting for review so long. Please keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATED 06/03/2018

Great news !!!!!

Facebook has been fixed the main problems and bugs. Starting from the 07/03/2018 we begin a recovery process for all blocked users. Unfortunately, every user has to renew a security token to restart the sync.

UPDATED 05/01/2018

We are still blocked.
Our team feels an anger and frustration that we have no influence on this situation.

The following post from facebook Dev groups shows what we think regarding this problem.

UPDATED 4/25/2018

We are still blocked by Facebook. According to the new review process, all applications and products lost access to Facebook Event API. We are waiting for a review.

Facebook announced a new app review process and restricted data access.

At the beginning of Aprile Facebook published a major upgrade which caused multiple problems for products that use Facebook API. This massive upgrade could not pass without consequences for Calendar Cloud.
For more information about the products affected and some of the reasoning behind these changes, please follow the latest updates on Facebook Developers blog:



Although our product doesn’t ask any extra permissions and should work fine after this upgrade, we faced multiple regressions and bugs affected us.

From the moment of the upgrade, our dev team had been working to provide temporary solutions for these problems. But April 12, 2018 we faced a new breaking bug that blocked the sync. We reported the problem to Facebook’s dev team and got confirmation “that is a bug”. Unfortunately, we cannot handle this on our side.

Waiting for the fix is only sing we can do in this case. Sorry about this!!!!!

P.S. All other calendars work fine as usual.



Oleksandr Ieremchuk,
Product Owner at Calendar Cloud,



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